Tile Backer Board House owners Guide

Uncoupling Membrane 

A extra contemporary underlayment technique is usiing an uncoupling membrane approach.

Range of Uncoupling Membranes

  • Mapeguard UM
  • Schluter Ditra Mat
  • Laticrete Strata Mat

These mats are a large roll of plastic and felt that is rolled out on a floor and stuck down with thinset mortar. They are suitable to be utilised above concrete, wooden and current flooring giving that the substrate is sound with out a great deal of deflection as cracked tiles and grout can continue to occur. This mat does not fortify the floor towards vertical motion (up and down) but aids avoid lateral motion when concrete flooring crack and go out sideways.

These mats are only about 1/8 inch thick so they really don’t increase the floor amount as well substantially but definitely they will not do substantially towards making a amount – they observe the present stages.

A lot of tilers use these systems completely as they experience secure in the know-how that if the current substrate cracks or has concerns, the tiles will be uncouple from it and continue being intact and hurt free of charge.

If a concrete slab is audio with no cracks, somewhat clean and you are satisfied with the degree, no underlayment is expected. A new concrete slab can be a applicant for an uncoupling membrane on the other hand as it’ll aid defend versus any potential cracking by separating the layer of tiles from it.

When tiling straight to concrete, make confident to appropriately prepare the surface. I normally grind the concrete with a diamond cup wheel equipped to a grinder and a dust extracting shop vac. This permits me to operate indoors with out producing a dust storm.

Any superior spots in the concrete can be effortlessly eliminated with this system as effectively, serving to with tiling later on on.

With a contemporary surface, I am protected that any oils, paints and amassed gunk of the decades will not result the bonding of my tile thinset. A regular acrylic primer is applied around the major to avoid the concrete sucking up the thinset moisture also immediately and it is all set for tile.

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