Blade Safety Awareness | Tilers Tools

An introduction to blade safety and the correct way to operate diamond blades. The blade safety awareness blog seeks to pass on information and tips for the proper use of diamond blades and highlight the correct safety when using the blades.  Blade Safety Awareness | Tilers Tools 15 Blade Health and Safety  Before reading this […]

How To Transform The Blade On A Pikus Damp Observed

Observe these directions to improve your blade on a Pikus damp noticed. Make absolutely sure that the equipment is not wired reside, and the plug is out of the transformer. With the plunge action unlocked, press the tackle down so the blade is in its lowest placement. Lock it into spot with the screw on […]

How To Pick out The Proper Diamond Observed Blade

We would like to share some details about diamond blades for reducing a variety of types of product. All the things from particularly tough porcelain to natural stone. There are a lot of varieties of natural stone available, just one being sandstone of various thickness, which is extremely typical and extensively made use of. 20mm […]

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