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The kitchens today can serve for the family as a playroom or a dining room. We promise to convert your kitchen into a multifunctional social space. Instead of being an area from which you want to escape to a better place, we will make this room a place to sleep. With our amazing kitchen tiles, your kitchen will become a cosy place and a family home hub.

At RD TILING DECOR, we consider the kitchen as the heart of a place to prepare food; not just functionally. Modern cuisines are not primarily for cooking purposes. In the family life, instead, they should be more central.

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    The installation of kitchen rear plaster tiles is an economical way to make your kitchen look more resistant. The kitchen is the messiest 
    room in the house, after all.
    At RD TILING DECOR, kitchen tiling is one of our specialties and our customers in Dublin and their suburbs have successfully finished innumerable kitchen upgrades.
    We instal wide selection of fine kitchen tiles, boards and wall tiles at RD TILING DECOR to meet range of needs for home renovation.
    To ensure maximum satisfaction and possible reference, we offer our esteemed customers exceptional quality products at competitive prices.

    We are constantly updating our expertise to bring up to date carving techniques in line with the latest kitchen remodelling trends with stone and ceramic tiles. We are also proud of our experienced and professional staff of tilers, who can provide detail, exceptional work quality and friendly service for every budget.

    At RD TILING DECOR, we believe that your kitchen tiles really reflect your philosophy of style. This is why we ensure that your custom design is fulfilled by our kitchen tilers.

    Whether your kitchen floor is reworked or you instal a whole new backlash, it is not appropriate to settle for lacklustre tiles. We recommend high quality tiles on RD TILING DECOR, which give your kitchen a beautiful colour and texture pop. Especially, our wallets are easy for our kitchen tilers.

    Because of their simple maintenance and an incredible range for designs, forms and colours, our expert tilers recommend ceramic and glass tiles for backlash kitchens. The amalgamation of polygons in a satin finish is a defining feature of ceramic floor tiles. Depending on your needs, you can also refurbish your kitchen using porcelain tiles with their modern forms, which ignite harmonious neutral tones. They showcase various grey andbeige tones that fit any modern kitchen space. The octogone, chevron, lantern, hex and the cube features many porcelain tiles that inspire strigglings for the floors and the walls of your kitchen. The nostalgic effect of porcelain cooking tiles is a subtle colour and character to the kitchen area.

    We can also reshape your kitchen with porcelain tiles that have harmonious neutral shades in their contemporary shape according to your needs. Octagon, chevron, lanter, hex, and cube are our porcelain tiles which inspire striking designs for your kitchen floors and the walls. The nostalgic effect of porcelain cooking tiles is a subtle colour and character to the kitchen area. In short, our comprehensive collection of tiles means something for all, even the most critical of our customers. And when a customer makes their favourite selection of tiles, we are very careful. We show them first samples, to avoid the probability of deception and expensive errors. In short, our large collection of tiles means that there’s something for all, including the most critical of customers. And when a customer makes its preferred tile selection, we are very cautious. We show them first samples to avoid the chance of deceit and expensive errors.

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