How To Transform The Blade On A Pikus Damp Observed

Observe these directions to improve your blade on a Pikus damp noticed.

  1. Make absolutely sure that the equipment is not wired reside, and the plug is out of the transformer.
  2. With the plunge action unlocked, press the tackle down so the blade is in its lowest placement. Lock it into spot with the screw on the again of the equipment.
  3. Eliminate the distinct plastic h2o guard by unclipping it from its two finding white studs.
  4. You will now see four metallic studs that keep the front cowling on the deal with of the cowling. The spanner for the nut is in below together with the allen critical to undo the four studs.
  5. Undo the studs to enable you to raise the cowling off and area it on top of the equipment, exposing the blade.
  6. Area the allen crucial into the centre of the shaft of the blade, and the spanner onto the nut to open up them up clockwise.
  7. Consider the nut off and the blade flange to enable you to slide the blade off. The blade and the device are directional. You will see on the cowling there is an arrow that indicates that the blade goes clockwise.
  8. When you replace the diamond blade you will need to make certain that the arrow on the blade goes clockwise.
  9. Spot the new blade on clockwise so as the slice is finished, the angle of the enamel are stroking the tile and not forcing in opposition to the tile.
  10. Place the flange again on and screw the nut back again on.
  11. Position the allen critical back again in the centre and nip it up as to not to over tighten it since the blade is self-tightening.
  12. Place the water guard back and clip it on to the stud at the back and on to the stud at the front.
  13. Place the applications again all set for up coming time and you are superior to go!

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