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RD TILING DECOR offers superb quality wall-tiling solutions that enhances the beauty of your commercial walls. You can trust them. Our tilers are laying ceramic, marble, mosaic tiles, etc.

The choice of a reputable tiling contractor with a proven record in commercial tile systems is a difficult task that requires a thorough initial investigation. The stone and tile industry of today is saturated with counterfeit entrepreneurs who say that they do well. In more cases , commercial tiling companies are overhydrated only so that serious tile errors can end up occurring that are difficult to resolve or hide.

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    Our master tilers will instal your favourite tile for your tiling project. All the installation techniques and adhesives that comply with Ireland standards are always used .
    Whether it’s contemporary or colonial, RD TILING DECOR has covered you for your commercial space. The most important phase of the commercial tiling project is to provide much-needed support.
    If you need a reproduction in your commercial premises, or have a broken tile, our dedicated and professional team will resolve these problems. Until your tiles are brought back to their previous condition, we will never leave the place.
    We understand that there are unique functional and aesthetic requirements in different commercial spaces. That is why we use state-of-the-art and most advanced installation technology and equipment to create your dream space.

    A professional carpet installer is essential since even a slightly mislaid carpet can throw the entire project away. RD TILING DECOR is a commercial tiling contractor licenced, certified and insured. In order to ensure that they are fully equipped with the latest tile installation techniques for an evolving tile world, we regularly train and evaluate the installer.

    RD TILING DECOR has everything it takes to distinguish itself from the crowded market, as one of the leading commercial tiling providers. We offer our services in the area of Dublin so that homeowners can appreciate our exemplary standards and the excellent attention to detail. All commercial contracts in any size or scope of the project are handled by our expert tilers.

    We manage your project with the accuracy it deserves and work on a budget and time required. Many of our business and commercial customers in Dublin and the surrounding area select and contact us for their friends as the spectrum for commercial tile installations has been unrivalled. Each one of our customers receives from beginning to end a professional service, from contract initiation until final signature.

    Our fully-fledged team of tilers ensures that all commercial tile installations comply with Irish Health and Safety rules, just as you probably expect of a tile contractor of our quality. Our safety at the workplace is also a priority that can not be negotiated. We also ensure that our workers use protection equipment by conducting risk assessments before the project begins, in addition to hiring a well-trained and skilled team that understands what they do.

    Sometimes we have to work alongside other trades in terms of the scope of the job. In those circumstances we try to avoid interference by effectively planning and administering the commercial tiling contract in each other’s space. From initial planning and supervision until the actual placement of the commercial tiling Dublin, every stage of the tiling contract is covered.

    We are experts in the tiling industry in our Dublin Commercial Tilers team. Every customer is therefore assured of a complete service , which includes the most complex commercial tile facilities. With a comprehensive approach, we continuously provide professional and adaptable services.

    Our Dublin and larger suburbs customers add us to their list of the trusted tiling suppliers because of a unique way to deliver services. We would like to be regarded as a Dublin-wide tiling firm and we are still committed to remain the best in all aspects of Dublin ‘s commercial tiling system.

    We are a tiling contractor with our excellent reputation for the tools and the skills to work on commercial tiling projects of all sorts – from small projects like pubs and offices to large ones such as commercial buildings and apartment buildings.

    We understand that there are unique functional requirements and aesthetics in different business areas. Therefore, we use state-of-the-art equipment and up-to – date installation techniques to create your dream space. Through a comprehensive and professional basis, we can guarantee your business project’s most exquisite finish.
    As one of Dublin’s most successful fabricators, we concentrate on using premium quality products such as porcelain or ceramics. Our customer service staff can also help you decide to choose materials which are practically and aesthetically appealing according to your architect or interior designer.

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