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BATHROOM Renovations & Refurbishment


Dublin Bathroom Renovation Service

Depending on the size and age of the family, the bathroom might be the busiest room in the house. It's in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (with the exception of holidays). Everyone is getting ready for work or school at the same time, so mornings are generally the busiest. Not to mention the jockeying for position as the line for the bathroom becomes longer. Yes, it's a crowded location. There's no way around it.

It's understandable that it might appear fatigued after so much use. Limescale deposits surrounding the showerhead, bath and sink taps, as well as a water stain in the bath created by that leaking tap, have detracted from its aesthetic value.

You've been putting off the inevitable for a while, but you've finally decided to renovate the bathroom. Will you like a contemporary or traditional design? If you're doing it yourself, it might be a daunting undertaking, even for the most ardent DIYer! It might be difficult even if you have the requisite expertise. All surface-level repairs are usually simple, but operations that require plumbing or electrical work should always be left to the pros. You've arrived to the correct place if you're looking for professional assistance.

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Now is the time to hire bathroom renovation experts!

RD Tiling Decor works on a wide range of residential installations in Dublin. Our team of highly experienced and expert bathroom installers has years of experience in the field. During the renovation, we strive to limit any disruptions to a bare minimum.


Are you fed up with your outdated bathroom? RD Tiling Decor Services has been renovating houses in Dublin for many years. We specialise in completely transforming worn-out bathrooms, replacing outdated fixtures and furnishings with new ones that you select.

Our firm also provides bathroom installation services for freshly constructed homes or conversions. We work with dependable, trained, and fully insured professionals that can handle a wide range of refurbishment projects.

From installing all of the bathroom necessities, to replacing outdated accessories and fittings, to re-tiling the bathroom floor and walls, to decorating and putting the final touches, we always deliver a dream bathroom to relax in and enjoy.

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    Experts Explain Bathroom Renovation vs. Bathroom Fitting

    Although the two bathroom renovation services we provide appear to be interchangeable, they need separate stages and techniques.

    New bathroom fixtures include:

    • Work on the surfaces to prepare them (ex: proofing of floors, boarding of walls, etc.)
    • Grouting and tiling (sealing if required)
    • Plastering, painting, and decorating are all things that need to be done (if the project requires it)
    • Fitting a fan or towel rack; fitting and plumbing in bathroom necessities) are examples of electrical and plumbing solutions (sink, toilet, shower, etc.)
    • Furniture and fittings for the bathroom are being installed.

    Bathroom Refurbishment in Dublin:

    • Existing bathroom fixtures and accessories are disconnected.
    • Getting rid of outdated fixtures or putting them aside to be reused
    • Taking off old tiles from the floor and walls (and damaged plaster boards, if applicable)
    • Plastering and boarding up the walls and ceiling are examples of preparation work on the floor and walls. They also check sure the floor is level and safe, as well as patching any gaps.
    • Plumbing and electrical work are both required.
    • Tiling, grouting, and sealing are all steps in the tiling, grouting, and sealing (upon request)
    • If necessary, paint and decorate.
    • Fitting the current furniture or freshly acquired bathroom accessories back together and linking them

    If you hire one professional technician to perform your bathroom renovation or new bathroom installation, it may take 5 to 7 days on average.

    However, we make every effort to provide flexible choices that will meet your unique circumstances while minimising disruptions to your personal life or company activities. If you want to install the new toilets and showers at your office units in the nights, RD Tiling Decor Services in Dublin would be pleased to help.

    RD Tiling Decor is a company that specialises in bathroom renovations.

    It’s where you want to go after a long and exhausting day, so it’s only natural that you put your all into designing and decorating it.

    Every area in your house is important, but the bathroom stands out since it is unlike any other room in terms of design, installation, décor, and upkeep. Finding a firm that provides an all-inclusive solution for your renovation requirements might be tough at times. If you’re thinking about remodelling or renovating your bathroom, RD Tiling Decor bathroom renovation services offer considerable experience and knowledge to set your mind at ease.

    When it comes to designing your bathroom, or even if you’re thinking about a renovation or expansion, it’s critical that you work with the proper professionals, and that’s where we come in to give the finest bathroom renovation services in RD Tiling Decor.

    It’s critical that you be aware of all of our services, since if it concerns your bathroom, we can handle it!

    Bathroom in a House

    • Renovating a residential bathroom comes with its own set of criteria that accommodate to personal preferences in every way. A residential bathroom’s design, layout, wiring, plumbing, and other features differ from those of a business restroom.
    • Our skilled home bathroom designer will collaborate with you on the plan and design of your choosing, and our skilled bathroom installers will complete the installation.

    Bathroom for Business

    • Commercial bathroom standards differ from domestic bathroom needs due to differences in size, uniformity, and numbers, as well as differences in wiring and plumbing.
    • These are initiatives that should be considered on a broader scale and with more people in mind. In any case, when it comes to business bathroom refurbishment and all of its needs, we’ve got you covered.

    Bathroom Renovation Costs

    Do you want to know how much it costs to renovate a bathroom? Are you trying to figure out how much a comprehensive bathroom renovation would cost? Do you want to know how much a modest bathroom renovation costs? Are you unsure if you have the funds to invest in something more substantial? The cost of a whole bathroom renovation varies greatly across Ireland, starting at €6,000 depending on your selections. Are you beginning from the ground up? Is there any plumbing that needs to be replaced? What about the furniture and accessories? It’s possible that retiling or repainting will suffice. If this is the case, the decorating services offered by RD Tiling Decor can assist you.

    When considering a comprehensive bathroom renovation, there are several factors to consider, including whether the present layout is functional and whether or not you require a bath. Showering alone frees up floor space, which is great for tiny bathroom renovations with limited space.

    If you’re trying to save money on a redesign or remodel, you might be tempted to cut corners or purchase low-cost sanitaryware. If you want a space to appear excellent for a long time, this might be counterproductive. The best method to keep the expense of bathroom renovations in your Dublin home low while still getting the style you want is to seek professional assistance.

    A refurbishment often involves a large number of crafts, ranging from plumbers and electricians to tilers. RD Tiling Decor will oversee the process and ensure that various tradesmen arrive when they are needed, rather than stepping on each other’s toes. This saves time and money by avoiding the need for bathroom renovations. We may also help with material and furniture purchases. Check out our suggested providers for entry-level sanitaryware and bathroom furnishings that will help you acquire quality for less.

    For an example of full bathroom refurbishment services Dublin clients were pleased with, see our Fulham case study. More examples of RD Tiling Decor renovation projects may be seen on our case studies website.

    Bathroom Renovations & Refurbishment FAQ

    Since bathroom renovation is a once-a-year procedure, it’s important to make sure that all of the changes you make are properly suited to your current lifestyle and demands. Here are some things to consider while remodelling your bathroom to ensure you do the best job possible:

    WC cistern hidden by a wall-mounted frame

    Although it may not appear to be much, it may add a lot of style to a modern bathroom:

    A concealed cistern may bring modern lines, a smooth and beautiful design, and a clean and open floor space, since minimalism is in fashion.

    The dual flush option is becoming increasingly crucial to the environment as we fight to protect the planet’s most valuable resource (water).

    Why not put dual flush capabilities on your “must-have” list now that it’s becoming a legal requirement?

    A concealed cistern may enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom if you want it to be more contemporary.

    Maintenance on a concealed cistern might be time-consuming since stud walls may need to be entered and/or tiles may need to be removed.

    Choose a toilet with a hidden tank

    Although it may not seem like much, restrooms with concealed tanks provide a number of advantages. Some of it is enlistment:

    If you have a small bathroom, it saves a lot of space.

    When you choose a low-flow toilet, you will save water each time you flush.

    If you want to create a contemporary bathroom, Hidden-tanks is the ideal option.

    However, bear in mind that, while concealed tanks are a convenient option, maintaining them may be a challenging effort due to the difficulty of reaching the tank.

    Shower Floor Tiles are textured, anti-slip tiles that are tiny in size.

    When it comes to bathroom design and planning, tiles are one of the most crucial considerations. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom anytime soon, opt for modest, textured shower flooring with a mix of colours for a more sophisticated look.

    Additionally, the roughness and additional grouting will prevent you from slipping. Replace whatever you were using with porcelain or ceramic tiles. Both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, it is appealing!

    Wet tiles in a bathroom or wet room are extremely dangerous and are the source of many falls. Installing an anti-slip surface is one technique to counteract slick flooring. As you walk over them, the friction and grip under your feet will grow. Anti-slip surfaces can also be used on wet room flooring. There are a variety of anti-slip styles available to complement your design characteristics.

    Is a bath really necessary?

    When space is limited, some bathtubs have enormous footprints that take up valuable floor space. This frees up a lot of room for a shower cubicle. We recognise that it’s all about personal preference, but many homes are opting for a shower over a bath for environmental reasons. You could want both if space isn’t a problem.

    If tubes aren’t required, don’t install them in.

    Many individuals, as if they don’t have a choice, install tubs in their bathrooms. In truth, it should only be implemented when absolutely essential. If no one in your home enjoys a shower, it’s best to avoid installing a tub because it takes up a lot of room. If your bathroom is large enough to contain it, though, you have the option!

    Include an extractor fan and a window.

    Without an extractor, fan condensation forms mould, which may grow black and be ugly over time. Because some bathrooms lack a window, it’s critical to remove the steam and moisture to prevent mould from forming in your freshly remodelled bathroom. There are a variety of extractor fans on the market, each with its own extraction quality.

    When room is limited and steam and condensation build up rapidly, this is a must-have tool. When applying cosmetics or shaving, it also keeps the mirror from heating up.

    Make the illumination better.

    Many lighting manufacturers provide concealed or ceiling-mounted downlights, spotlights, wall-mounted spotlights, side lighting, pendants, and other lighting options. There are so many that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. It all boils down to personal choice. However, rest certain that there is a lighting manufacturer out there that can create a design that meets your requirements. Instead of using stronger lights near or around mirrors, why not use brighter lights?

    Other enhancements

    A suspended ceiling, which is suitable in historic houses with very high ceilings, is one option. Maybe a little utility room or an extra WC in that place under the stairs? One of the bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom. Our professional installer team will add value to your project thanks to RD Tiling Decor’s extensive experience.

    What is included in our bathroom renovation service?




    fixtures for electricity

    Installation of a bath.

    Appliance installation

    Installation of a counter top

    Installing up tiles


    • Painting and decorating services

    The removal of a wall.

    Configuration and changes to the lighting

    Installation of a shower enclosure

    Why should you choose us?

    You need confidence that RD Tiling Decor will meet the highest quality requirements and that your bathroom will stand out. If you want further proof of the clients we’ve satisfied throughout the years, check out our Checkatrade reviews. Our expertise and years of experience set us apart from other businesses. We have a lot of it, which is unsurprising. Years of expertise in bathroom refurbishment, design, and installation can be found among our highly skilled personnel.

    Get in touch with us right away!

    Whether you prefer luxury, contemporary, or minimalist designs, or everything in between, our expertise are perfectly capable of delivering the quality you demand.

    Call today to schedule a consultation and obtain the bathroom of your dreams.

    Charges that are as low as possible

    As previously indicated, expenditures are maintained to a minimum. With that in mind, there will be no additional expenses for:

    Time spent travelling

    Consumption of fuel


    Non-Functional Hour is a term used to describe a period of time that is

    How much you’ll be charged

    Here are some of the costs you’ll have to pay on a regular basis:

    On the spot, materials and parts are ordered.

    In case you’re curious,

    What you get in return for your money:

    Keeping the above facts in mind, you get:

    Availability at all times of the day and night

    Please contact the designated service support manager for more assistance.

    Professionalism is ensured.

    Team of specialists with a great deal of expertise and grooming.

    Excellent craftsmanship.

    Areas of Coverage

    We provide our services throughout Dublin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a responsive crew ready to assist at any time. All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll be at your door as soon as possible.

    Your opinions are valued.

    Well, it’s true that everyone has their own ideas about how they want their bathroom to look, and we accept that. You may discuss what additional changes you want to make to your bathroom once our professional is at your home to make it appear a little more “cool.” Our staff will evaluate the inside after listening to your ideas and advising you on what is and isn’t achievable. Our recommendations will be based on the available space, design, and appliance measurements, and will follow your preferred design as nearly as feasible. Our primary goal is for you to be completely satisfied.

    Best Deal

    We understand that renovations aren’t inexpensive, so we’ll do our best to modify your needs to fit your budget. Following a site survey, we will provide a quote that details the work, materials, and time required to accomplish the job. With this in mind, RD Tiling Decor strives to keep project costs as low as possible by eliminating superfluous fees and recommending the best and most cost-effective appliances and components for replacement. Not to note the absence of costs during non-working hours. Following the completion of the service, you will be given an estimate that contains a thorough summary of all minor and important aspects, as well as the service charges. To discover more about prices, scroll down!

    Expertise gained with time

    Do you know what sets one organisation apart from the rest? It’s the years of experience that their employees have. And, fortunately, we have plenty of it. It employs highly skilled individuals with extensive expertise in bathroom design, refurbishment, and renovation. Each step will be completed in the cleanest and quickest manner possible under your watching eye and with complete attention!


    RD Tiling Decor, in reality, is staffed with highly experienced engineers, plumbers, and other specialists. Prior to anything, we maintain a high level of professionalism. Whether it’s a repair, a replacement, or something else entirely, each work is meticulously carried out, ensuring that every project is brought to a successful conclusion. You’d appreciate the time and effort we put into our projects.

    Experts who are friendly

    We have a team of customer-friendly employees on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with anything. All you have to do is make a phone call, and you will be greeted by a kind staff member who will patiently listen to your difficulties while offering you the finest solutions. Following a quick survey, we will arrive at your door with all of the essential equipment for the job. We won’t let you down, whether it’s for a renovation or a bathroom installation. Furthermore, you will be given helpful information on how to keep your bathroom in good working order for a long period in order to extend the life of everything.

    Customer Satisfaction and Trust

    Your confidence is a source of pride for us. In light of this, we place a high priority on our clients’ confidence and happiness. We ensure that everything we do meets your expectations by completing each assignment with total commitment and an excellent approach. And, not unexpectedly, we’ve had a lot of success with our objective. This is supported by the customer reviews on our home page. You’ll only find them in a good mood.

    That depends on the size of your bathroom and the firm you chose, but under ideal circumstances, your bathroom renovation should take around a month if your service provider works consistently throughout the month and no work is done on weekends. However, in this situation, you may expect your project to take 4–5 weeks to finish.

    Bathroom renovation is often more expensive, but it eventually adds to the value of your property; nonetheless, the typical cost to renovate your bathroom ranges from 500€ to 15000€, depending on the sort of equipment you want to install and, of course, the size of your bathroom.

    Well, that depends on the scale of the job at hand. If you’re relocating washroom fixtures while also doing other work, for example, the process will take longer than normal. Please phone us at 089 418 1378 for a more detailed explanation and answers to your questions. Depending on the nature of your task, one of our staff members will provide you with accurate statistics.

    Here’s what you’ll need to get your bathroom renovation project started:

    • Choose a look for your bathroom that you wish to achieve. If you are unsure, you can seek inspiration from several periodicals and websites.
    • Contact us, and we’ll put you in touch with your project consultant, who will walk you through the processes necessary to get started on the project.
    • Remove all of your personal possessions off the premises because there’s a chance they’ll be damaged while the job is being done. Furthermore, don’t you want to protect them from dirt?

    Without a doubt! Our project consultant will assist you in locating the best materials at the greatest costs from reputable vendors once you’ve determined what you want to install in your new bathroom. Because our first objective is to deliver better service to you, we ensure that everything is in order to assure your complete contentment.

    Although it is not required, it is beneficial to have one. If you’re not sure, our project experts can help you choose the finest designs for your bathroom based on its form and location. You can choose the one you like.

    Well, if your budget isn’t a constraint, replacing the bathroom tub is an excellent option, because nothing beats the visual appeal of a fresh new tub. Furthermore, because the reglazing may wear off every 2-3 years, purchasing a new one might be a cost-effective option.

    When it comes to restrooms, lighting is an important consideration. If you’ve ever used a bathroom with bad illumination, you know how vital lighting is for shaving, showering, applying make-up, and other tasks. It’s hard to manage everything with only a ceiling light with all of this work done in one location. Almost every aspect of it, including the vanity, shower, and general lighting, will require its own light source.

    The distinction is straightforward. Remodeling your bathroom entails getting rid of everything in its existing condition and radically altering it. In order to remodel the appearance of your bathroom, renovating includes replacing certain materials and changing some fixtures.

    Yes, it will significantly improve your room’s ventilation. Because the bathroom is such a busy location with frequent humidity build-up, there needs to be a way to remove it before it becomes a threat to the various fixtures in your washroom.

    According to industry sources, the typical cost of a bathroom installation in Ireland is around €6,500. This, however, can vary depending on the level of detail in the job, the size of the bathroom, and the fixtures and fittings used. For example, a new complete, contemporary wet room might cost far more than a more traditional option. The best course of action is to get a quotation from us. We can offer you with all of the data you require to make an informed decision. Your ideal bathroom is only a few steps away.

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