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Choosing a bathroom is just the beginning of your bathroom adventure. Unless you are a DIY specialist, you will also need to work with a bathroom fitter. Even a seasoned DIYer may not be entirely equipped to complete a bathroom installation, and may need to enlist the help of specialists such as a licenced electrician or a Gas Safe registered plumber at certain stages throughout the job. Having some basic knowledge of the many phases and duties required will make the bathroom installation go more easily.

In a perfect world, having a fully skilled bathroom fitter on speed dial, ready to come and install every aspect of your carefully selected bathroom would be fantastic. In reality, it's not that simple, and one factor that may contribute to the chaos and length of time is that in a tiny bathroom (such as a cloakroom or en-suite), only one tradesman (or woman) can be physically working at any given moment.

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RD Tiling Decor provides expert bathroom fitters.

We simplify bathroom purchasing at RD Tiling Decor by providing a completely managed design, supply, and installation solution that is convenient for you. RD Tiling Decor was founded by a group of industry specialists with decades of project management expertise, so you don’t have to go through this difficult and time-consuming process alone. Your professional bathroom installers will remove your old bathroom, construct your new bathroom, and complete the final finishes. We’ll choose the perfect bathroom installer to fulfil your project’s unique requirements. All of our bathroom installers have a track record of delivering high-quality results.

Who is in charge of what?

The size of a bathroom installation crew might vary… It’s uncommon for a single person to be certified and competent of doing all of the tasks necessary in a complete bathroom remodel. If the bathroom installation is part of a new loft conversion or expansion, you could hire a general contractor. If it’s a new construction or a major project, the general contractor may have been recommended or hired directly by the architect. A plumber, plasterer, tiler, carpenter, electrician, and, if necessary, a plumber who is gas-qualified will also be present. General plastering, carpentry, and plumbing may be done by a general builder or bathroom fitter, with an electrician and tiler called in as needed. Remember that tiling a fully tiled bathroom is a very different operation from tiling a little tiled backsplash beneath a wash basin.

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    Putting Your Bathroom Installation Team Together

    The most crucial factor is timing. Your bathroom supplier will provide you a delivery date, which is the day on which your bathroom fitter will require access to the bathroom. If the room is unoccupied, the installation can move quickly. If the bathroom is being replaced, the team must be prepared for the new items, preferably with all plastering, tiling, electrical, and plumbing work completed. Take into account the time it will take to remove the existing suite, flooring, and tiling.

    What Should You Expect From A Complete Design Service?

    Bathroom firms that provide a full-design bathroom installation service may handle every step of the installation. It may be as simple as installing a brand-new bathroom in an already-decorated and updated room, or it could be as complex as designing, planning, and executing the entire project, from installing a suitable bath to specifying floor tiles and light switches. You’ll be provided with drawings, heaps of colour swatches, and tile samples, and you’ll need to negotiate each choice with the designer if you choose a complete design service.

    Bathroom Installation Costs

    Of course, it’s critical to address bathroom installation costs at the outset of the project, but it’s also difficult to provide exact estimates because issues may occur as the project proceeds. Your bathroom installer may uncover an unanticipated defective pipe or worn-out component that requires replacement and may incur additional costs. If an independent showroom is managing all parts of the job, they will quote a comprehensive installation fee. A general contractor will provide a quotation for the whole project, but may delegate particular jobs to an electrician or tiler, in which case they may provide a fixed hourly or daily cost.

    Guarantee on Bathroom renovation:

    We exclusively work with carefully selected trade partners at RD Tiling Decor. We devote a significant amount of time and attention to the selection and verification of the teams with whom we collaborate. Our personnel and our work are worthy of your trust. We will schedule your bathroom installation around your schedule, and all work is covered by a two-year warranty, assuring your happiness and avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

    Installations of Bathrooms

    The bathroom fitting service offered by RD Tiling Decor in Dublin is bespoke. Our expert staff can ensure that your bathroom installations go well.

    We can assist you whether you have purchased a bathroom that has to be installed or want one that is custom-designed for your area.

    RD Tiling Decor has over 30 years of combined bathroom installation experience. Our bathroom fitters, plumbers, and electricians in Dublin Upon Thames can collaborate to guarantee that your ideal bathroom is realised.

    We have fully certified bathroom fitters and designers on staff to guarantee that your requirements are satisfied with outstanding service and high-quality bathrooms.

    We will ensure that it is installed on time and on budget, whether it is a bespoke design or a store-bought bathroom. Our bathroom renovations in Dublin are completely handled and of a high level, thanks to our skilled bathroom designers and planners.

    How does it work?

    Survey of the Location

    A member of the RD Tiling Decor team will schedule a visit from our Director to go through the quote requirements at a time that is convenient for you. You’ll be able to talk about the type of bathroom installation and design you desire, as well as cost and timelines.

    Timelines & Installation

    RD Tiling Decor will begin work on the agreed-upon start date and work within the timescales to install your bathroom after the quote has been signed off and the start timings have been agreed upon.

    Management of Projects

    To guarantee that the task is finished with outstanding service and on schedule, all RD Tiling Decor construction and renovation work requires comprehensive project management. As a consequence, your Director will oversee the whole bathroom installation to guarantee that you receive the finest quality bathrooms and that you are satisfied with the final product.

    What to Think About When Getting Your Bathroom Remodeled

    1. Regulations for construction

    You’ll need to examine what building standards you’ll need to consider whether you’re repairing a bathroom or installing a whole new one. Bathroom renovations will almost certainly necessitate the services of electricians and plumbers. Upgrades to your bathroom fixtures, on the other hand, may demand new wiring or plumbing but do not require building regulations permission.

    Changing the location of a bathroom, installing a new one, or doing any electrical work in the area

    Building rules will apply to baths and showers, as well as any work that expands or alters existing drainage systems.

    2. in the financial plan

    The cost of installing a bathroom varies. Everything is determined by the size, specifications, quality of materials, quantity of appliances, installation costs, and location. Add-ons like underfloor heating, new lighting schemes, decorative accessories, and so on must be factored into your budget.

    3. The passage of time

    The length of time it takes to accomplish a comprehensive bathroom renovation varies. A basic bathroom installation may take a few weeks, while a more sophisticated or larger bathroom installation may take several weeks.

    4. Affordability

    Consider the bathroom’s design from a more practical standpoint. Of course, you want the bathroom to seem nice, but is it practical for you? Do you have access to all of the bathroom storage you require? Is the bathroom completely accessible? Do you have all you require before moving on to the items you desire? You must ensure that the design you choose is both safe and fulfils your unique needs.

    We can help you with all of the above and more at RD Tiling Decor. Our bathroom fitters and designers in Dublin are particularly trained to give exceptional service and high-quality bathrooms.

    Installation of a Bathroom in Dublin

    Bathroom Installations in Dublin's Number One Choice

    RD Tiling Decor is a Dublin-based bathroom installation company with extensive experience.

    No work is too big or too little for our specialists when it comes to bathroom fitting in Dublin. Our bathroom installation staff has years of expertise and can provide a comprehensive variety of services.

    We can assist you install and provide any kind of bathroom to match your budget. Whether you’ve already purchased the bathroom suite or are undecided, our skilled bathroom installers can assist you. We understand how critical it is to complete any bathroom project on time and to a high level, so we’ll make sure the bathroom is completed correctly and on time to keep your family as stress-free as possible.

    Professional Bathroom Fitter in Dublin

    Bathroom Refurbishment and Fitting Services

    With our completely skilled bathroom fitters, your aspirations may become a reality. In Dublin, our team specialises in completely remodelling bathroom suites, ensuites, and wet rooms. We also install handicapped bathroom suites and low-level access showers.

    We recognise that installing a new bathroom in your house may be a difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming procedure. We can assist you with minimising this as your experienced bathroom fitter. Our objective is to give you with not just support throughout your selection, but also a level of service that will help you visualise your ideal bathroom.

    Do you require assistance with your bathroom design? RD Tiling Decor can assist you with your bathroom makeover, from new fixtures and fittings to tiling or changing units or screens – our professional fitters are ready to assist you!

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