Aqua X Grout Sealer Assessment

In order to make this exam as “real planet as feasible.” I attempted to replicate the software of a grout sealer in genuine everyday living, and I deliberately stained samples to imitate the kinds of stains grout sealers would be exposed to.

The test I worked on was like the a single carried out by NATCO a couple years in the past. It had far more of a science truly feel, producing it extra exact (than mine) but in the end it strayed absent from how a sealer would be applied and used in real lifetime.

The color of grout employed was light-weight gray and I mixed it adhering to the instructions on the packet. I formed it to develop little grout “pucks.” It was then permitted to dry for 72 hours. Just after the grout attained total hardness, I used a coat of Aqua X grout sealer by spraying instantly onto the grout and spreading it with a sponge. 

To make certain every thing is working, I waited a complete working day, and then sprayed some drinking water on the grout to see if it was beading.

How Properly Does Aqua X Bead Water?

Just one coat of Aqua X permitted the h2o to bead lightly. Even though it did bead, I observed that there was a light-weight ring about the beads exactly where drinking water had sunk into the grout. It didn’t bead thoroughly like h2o does on freshly waxed paint. 


As a issue of desire, I utilized an additional coat of sealant to a various grout puck so I had a person with just one coat and another with 2 coats. This would allow me to test the usefulness of the sealant against stains.

The second coat of sealant served the drinking water bead appropriately. If I was to use this product or service yet again, I would usually use two coats. 





The stains have been dabbed on to the grout pucks and left on the grout for a moment. This was meant to simulate how a person would accidentally spill something on their tile grout, get involved and wander to the kitchen area, seize a damp rag and try wipe off the stain.

Make sure you take note that the colour of the grout can vary primarily based on the degree of light-weight problems. I took these pictures outdoor.


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