5 Distinct Types of Tiles for Flooring

Flooring is an crucial section of a home’s ambiance, and tile flooring choices are frequently durable and prolonged-lasting, which aids to balance the significant fees of flooring restorations and maintenance. Even though there are some similarities amongst various styles of tile for flooring, there are also some substantial variances. 


At RD Tiling Decor, our skilled tilers in Dublin have established the pursuing listing of the prime floor tiles.

Let’s consider a search at the numerous possibilities obtainable to aid you appear up with tile flooring ideas.


 1.Ceramic Tile:

Sand, natural resources, and purple or white clay are used to make ceramic tile, which is then burned in a kiln. Ceramic tile arrives in two varieties: glazed and unglazed, with glazed ceramic tile becoming the additional common substitute. Non-glazed ceramic tiles have a matte end and greater texture, imitating stone tiles, while glossy ceramic tiles have a glass-like area. Ceramic tile is a wonderful selection for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, laundry rooms, and mudrooms because of its durability and skill to resist stains, smells, and microorganisms.

Ceramic tile has the following pros: 

  • withstands considerable foot traffic
  • It is unaffected by stains, drinking water, or natural aspects.
  • There are several diverse hues, shapes, and styles to select from.
  • Cleansing and upkeep are uncomplicated.
  • Water-resistant to inhibit the advancement of mildew and bacteria
  • In a incredibly hot environment, it retains the dwelling cooler.

Ceramic tile has the next shortcomings: 

  • Setting up it is complicated.
  • It could be challenging to walk on mainly because of the rough area.
  • In the wintertime, it will become quite chilly, creating it challenging to warmth a space.
  • For small kids, this is not the most secure floor.


 2.Porcelain tile:

Porcelain tile is built of clay and natural supplies and then burned in a kiln, identical to ceramic tile. Porcelain, on the other hand, is stronger, more challenging, and less porous than frequent ceramic tiles for the reason that it is established with finer clays and burned at a increased temperature in the kiln. Porcelain tile is usually white, clear, and thick. Porcelain tile is good for patios, laundry rooms, kitchens, and loos since of its longevity and even more robust h2o resistance than ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is a a lot more high-priced tile alternative due to the fact of its great excellent, longevity, and style and design versatility.

Porcelain tile has the pursuing positive aspects:

  • With its appealing visual appeal and a extensive selection of alternatives, it elevates a place.
  • Owing to its excellent longevity, it is ideal for large-visitors spots.
  • Dampness-resistant
  • Basic to cleanse and sustain
  • Right before the set up, radiant warmth panels can be put in.

Porcelain tile has the subsequent down sides:

  • Expensive than ceramic tiles
  • For compact little ones or the aged, it can be slick and hazardous.
  • Setting up it is tricky.
  • It doesn’t insulate a house and can make it seem to be colder.


 3.Cement tile:

Natural pigments are poured into a pattern mould, backfilled with cement, then set with hydraulic compression to make cement tiles. They are much more ecologically pleasant considering that they are air-treated fairly than burned in a kiln. Cement tiles have a porous glimpse and are readily available in several unique types, patterns, and types. Mainly because of its resistance to have on and tear, this product is excellent for bogs, laundry rooms, and mudrooms.

Cement tile has a range of pros:

  • Very strong and prolonged-long lasting – ideal for significant-website traffic locations.
  • There are a plethora of style and design options to pick out from.
  • It’s easy to clean up and refinish.
  • They’re considerably less harmful to the environment than other forms of tile flooring.
  • Ahead of the installation, radiant warmth panels can be set up.

Cement tile has the next shortcomings:

  • For the reason that it is a significant compound, the area should be equipped to guidance it.
  • Concrete is porous and susceptible to stains.
  • Really cold temperatures may result in it to fracture.

 4.Glass Tile:

Glass tiles are created of little shards of glass with a transparent glaze burned into the reverse of the tile. They are offered in a variety of colors. A mosaic style and design is positioned on a mesh backing in certain glass tiles. Bathrooms are exactly where glass tile is most typically noticed, but it could also be located in kitchens, residing rooms, and even swimming pools. Glass tile is one of the much more costly choices, costing anything from $5 to $15 per sq. foot. It is also a more fragile tile, which signifies it’ll be extra vulnerable to chipping and scratches above time.

Glass tile has the subsequent rewards:

  • Glass tile is environmentally useful considering the fact that it is made primarily of recycled elements and employs significantly less vitality to manufacture than other tiles.
  • Displays gentle and color properly, offering the perception of currently being brighter.
  • With cleaning soap and water or an all-purpose cleaner, it is very simple to clean up.
  • For a absolutely watertight coating, there is no drinking water absorption.

Glass tile has the next down sides:

  • Expenses are greater than for other sorts of flooring tiles.
  • In excess of time, it may chip or scrape.
  • Specialist set up is generally demanded, in particular when it will come to ensuring that the glue does not exhibit through the tiles.

 5.Mosaic Tile:

Mosaic tile is created out of a wide range of elements which includes ceramic, glass, stone, and porcelain. An inlay of layout styles in a variety of supplies, types, colours, and patterns — usually 2 by 2 inches in measurement — distinguishes it. This product is ideal for use in the kitchen area, living space, lavatory, hallway, laundry home, and out of doors patio, amongst other spots. Mosaic tile is costly because of to the difficulty of developing it.

Strengths of Mosaic Tile:

  • Relying on the supplies employed in the mosaic, it is normally nonporous and water resistant, building it resistant to mildew and mold.
  • Colours, sizes, and styles occur in a extensive array of hues, sizes, and designs.
  • In tiny areas, it is ideal.

Mosaic tile’s disadvantages incorporate:

  • Mosaic tile is more brittle than other tile possibilities because it consists of glass.
  • When moist, glass tile might be slick.
  • The set up of the lesser tiles might be time-consuming.

For the most frequent resources, in this article are only a couple tile flooring possibilities. Test out limestone tile, travertine tile, quarry tile, slate tile, fake wooden tile, onyx tile, quartzite tile, sandstone tile, and terrazzo tile for a much more distinctive physical appearance in your tile flooring.

It is usually perfect to study how regularly you are at ease correcting and retaining the tile when determining which flooring tile concepts to utilize. Take into account how porous your selected tile is, in particular if it will be utilized in bogs, kitchens, or laundry rooms.


Now you have the thought of the ideal flooring tiles, the subsequent phase is to choose the ideal floor tilers in Dublin. As of the top tilers in Dublin, RD Tiling Decor has a expert and competent team. Developing to set up, our finish-to-stop tiling service won’t give you a opportunity to regret it. For any queries, contact us currently.

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