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Dublin has several tiling companies, but who have the greatest trust and choice. When you search for "local tilers near me" online or call a person on the phone, you can find a tiler in Dublin with your single click. However, it can be an awful task to choose the right carving services in Dublin. The question is which services should be approached in Dublin. Don't blindly trust anyone. Apex Tilers are ideal for your tiling needs.

We are Dublin 's certified and professional tiling firms. We have several years of experience, and we are able to fascinate you with our wonderful ceramic tiles, together with the qualified commercial tilers in Dublin.

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At RD Tiling Decor, we offer our offices in Melbourne the best for commercial tiling. We know everything from basic tileing to complex and recent commercial tile techniques. We have all kinds of professional tiling. Our carving service extends across the wide variety of surfaces including porcelain, ceramics, terracotta, granite , marble, stone, mosaics and limestone.

We offer all types of tiling services, regardless of size and area, in commercial and residential areas. With our innovative tiling technology and impeccable designs we understand the importance of the good flooring, and we try to strengthen the aesthetic appearance of our offices.

We recognise that commercial tiling is a huge investment and must be carried out precisely for the first time without any room for error. We only train our employees to achieve professional results. We are a leading supplier of carving services in Dublin with our expertise and years of experience.


Why us ?


We have a reputation for excellence as fully licenced tilers. Our tiling work is guaranteed for seven years. We only make sure your tiles last for years by using the best materials.

  • – Our customers ‘ financial responsibility
  • – Higher quality and skill
  • – Quality and value for our projects
  • – Top Cost Control Standards
  • – Timing and budget
  • – Real customer fulfilment focus

Are you planning a kitchen upgrade? Our kitchen tiles in different colours, designs and textures are an astonishing range. We are the leading supplier of Dublin kitchen wall tiles, known for our high quality service and extensive experience.

In order to make your cuisine look cool, contemporary and stylish, we provide innovative floor tiles and wall tiles. We supply large backsplash tiles to keep up with the hottest interior designs. We offer roughnesses that give kitchens a real impression. Easy to clean and maintain all of our tiles.

RD Tiling Decor have the biggest kitchen floor tiles collection in Ireland. Our kitchen tiles are made of the best quality materials and will improve the look of your kitchen. So, whether it is Dublin or Kitchen Slab Tiles that you are looking for. The RD Tiling Decor must all be reached at competitively priced prices. Our team of experts is always committed to presenting modern kitchen tiles that add to your kitchen luxury and extravagance.


Wonderful tiles in Ireland Kitchen


RD Tiling Decor will provide you with some of the best kitchen tiles. Our exclusive kitchen tiles combine style and convenience with the best possible. They are made of finest materials and give a different appearance to your space. The kitchen is one of the house’s most popular places. It is one of the rooms in which we usually spend time cooking food or preparing for the day. Sometimes in the kitchen, there are a lot of multi-tasks that make it vulnerable to regular wear and tear. It is therefore of vital importance to choose the best elements for the kitchen.

Masters in this field are the RD Tiling Decor. We offer some of the best kinds of beautiful floor tiles that will surely improve the kitchen appearance. We have Dublin ‘s largest cookery tile collection. Our splashbacks in the kitchen help you break the monotony and border your kitchen.


Having kitchen tiles installed and backsplash tiles gives you some advantages:


Simple to clean: The convenience of these tiles is one of the greatest features of our sprinkler tiles. Tiles are very easy to clean for splashback in kitchens. The removal of any tin on the tile rear backsplashes takes just a few minutes or seconds. With a damp towel and a mild detergent fluid, you can easily clean kitchen splashback tiles.
Our modern kitchen tile is available in various colours, texture , size and pattern options. The tile is available in different sizes. So, based upon your preferences and interior decor, you can select the one you prefer. Your kitchen is smartly fine with contemporary tiles in Dublin.
Best kitchen splashback tiles: we have some of the best kitchen splashback tiling varieties. Our exquisite collection of kitchen furniture includes all kinds of cooking tiles, such as terrazzo furniture, porcelain furniture, ceramic furnishings, grey kitchen fittings and much more. Our kitchen wall tiles are suitable for both modular and more traditional kitchens.
Elevate your kitchen ‘s appearance: Our kitchen wall tiles in Dublin improve your kitchen’s environment and help you brush your kitchen wall’s monotonous nature. Our tiles on our kitchen wall bring your kitchen a tint of pop and exuberance. It will give your premises more beauty and amazing appearance.
Sustainable: our porcelain furnishings are suitable for those who are looking for robust and sturdy small tiles. Cheap Stiles offers a broad spectrum of tiles that satisfy your various needs. So if you’re looking for terrazzo kitchen tiles, white kitchen splashback tiles, white kitchen tiles, grey floor tiles or kitchen tiles. We got all of them! We are one of the largest quality tile providers in Ireland.
Get the best kitchen wall tiles at RD Tiling Decor at the best price only.

Every home needs unique solutions and we understand that it has its own unique character. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of tiling, we provide the best kitchen tiles that not only add to the characters but add value to your home as well. Our rehabilitation solutions are an investment, not a cost.

The wall tiles of our kitchen help you break the monotony of the kitchen and add a colour pop or texture to its beauty. Our range of cookware plasters certainly will fascinate you with its splendour and give a distinctive look to your kitchen. Our kitchen tiles in Dublin give your kitchen a contemporary feel and fusion with the kitchen decor in all kinds. We have the best kitchen tiles in different colours , designs, sizes and patterns.

At Cheapestiles we know how important the kitchen is and how important it is. That’s why we bring you modern and unique kitchen tiles that add to your kitchen.

We have the porcelain kitchen floor tiles specially designed to withstand the kitchen ‘s daily wear and tear. Their anti-slip properties and design looks make both large and small kitchens desirable. The aesthetic appearance of your kitchen is improved by our beautiful tiles. They are both robust and sturdy.

We offer a wide repository of tiles in various colours , styles and textures with our extensive business experience. We offer a wide variety of fabulous handpicked tile options for your particular needs.

We are the largest website offering the most affordable range of tiles. In prices and quality products, we are competitive. We import tiles for your beautiful home from around the world including Spain and Italy. We have it at the lowest price whatever you’re looking for. Next come to us – Ireland’s best online tile company.

We definitely have the price advantage over our competitors in this industry for several years. All of our products are affordable – at rd-tilingdecor.ie, you always get the best discounts and offers on the price of kitchen tiles. Purchase now! Purchase now!

RD Tiling Decor offers the largest range of Dublin tiles and accessories for your bathroom. Whatever your project is, you will find everything you need to make your dream come true. In Beaumonts’ Dublin tile shops, you can design the perfect look for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, washing machine, outdoor (or even bedroom!) area.

You can rest assured that when you visit an RD Tiling Decor Dublin store, you receive the best expert advice from our passionate team members. Our staff are here to make transforming your home in Dublin in your own personal style as easy as possible.

Don’t you know your style? Take our Quiz for What’s My Style and get your style-oriented recommendations.

A huge plus is a 10-year tile guarantee for all first quality tiles you buy at any RD Tiling Decor store in Dublin. You can be sure that you do not only receive Dublin but also the best Australian quality and best-designed cores at the best prices if you combine that with our Price Beat Guarantee.

Want to buy a Dublin tiler? That too can be helped.

With Bathrosom Waterproofing Dublin, we offer one of the top ranges ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone floor tiles that will add quality and furnish to your home. We know today ‘s trends and materials professionally. We offer complete tiling service that differs from RD Tiling Decor design, quotation and estimating. Our experience is vast from the kitchen to the whole house. We are trying large and small projects for tiling.

We have a team of professional Dublin Tilers, whether it’s a floor, kitchen, a wall or a bathroom for ceramic tiling or new buildings. We provide a range of services which include talking tile and colour with decoration options to customers. The proposals are offered on request as soon as possible. RD Tiling Decor provides all types of tiling services , e.g. commercial and residential waterproofing services in Dublin.



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